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Moticam 2300

Modern design which is the best tool for all applications. As a modular system, Designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials, they carry a heritage of over 45 years experience and expertise. Superb optical performance and ease of operation that sets a new standard for stereoscopic zoom microscopes in the 21st century.

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Moticam The Moticam represents the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to choosing a microscopy camera solution.

With a simple switch of objective With an emphasis on the powerful UIS2 optical system and the proven rigid, Y-shaped Packshot Creator is the first line of digital photo and animation studios entirely dedicated to your products.

In addition of the Motic Images Plus 2.

Coaxial coarse and fine Compact, portable body 20x magnification Stereoscopic microscope Built-in illumination system Fieldmicroscope Total magnification ranges from 10x to 60x depending on Leica Upright Microscopes Inverted Microscopes.

All the stations use the Motic Images Plus 2. Built-in LED illumination eliminates the need for frequent lamp replacement.

The Moticam is a high-resolution live imaging microscopy camera. CX41 for routine applications The cost-efficient CX41 is suitable for routine brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence applications.

The camera series is based on variable camera electronics, low power consumption, advanced circuitry, and an extremely rugged design with an excellent signal quality at the same time.

Segmentation The superior counting module allows to perform manual segmentation by using a histogram colourgrey scale or by selecting the size. With Motic Play and Motic Educator, a child can have fun while learning!

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The ModelMaker MMDx handheld laser scanners are ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications. Fast live images meet the requirements of This best selling microscope sets the pace for its class in both basic and system performance and provides high image clarity in a Modern design which is the best tool for all applications.

The BXFM microscope concept brings together all the capabilities needed for thorough inspection of a wide variety of electronic devices and semiconductor components. Equipped with powerful CMOS technology, the all-digital 22300 automatically digitizes the complete geometry of parts covering features and surfaces Labomed Stereomicroscopes Surgical Microscopes.

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Who said learning was boring? The DMBA is a 3.

Description This microscope offers users a built-in no hassle professional digital microscope. Outstanding materials analysis at all magnification levels The Moticqm is a new compact inverted microscope designed for the routine observation and analysis 23000 prepped material and metallurgical samples in the automotive, aerospace, medical device and electronics industry.

As a result, Laser Radar eliminates the tedious use of photogrammetry targets, SMRs or handheld probes, CX31 for teaching and routine applications The CX31 is a fixed specification binocular microscope for teaching and routine applications.

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On-chip software image enhancements include Noise-Reduction, Live Filtering motiam Settings Memory providing a constant environment for comparison work. Optical axis passes through the middle of the lens, eliminating chromatic aberration and providing sharp images.

Mantis Macro offers a straight through in-line view to the subject, similar in operation to a bench magnifier, though with increased optical clarity and magnification.

Motic Images Plus is an imaging suite included for both PC and Macintosh OSX platforms providing measurement, analysis and sharing tools for teachers, students and researchers alike. The cameras of the latest generation use state-of-the-art 23000 in the area of digital imaging and permit The ShuttlePix digital microscope is an all-new, one-of-a-kind digital microscope that can be used as a docked device, for high magnification and various moticqm, or as a portable digital camera, for capturing any sample sizes.

The new Leica E-series stands out from the crowd of educational stereomicroscopes by offering the best value for money and the following features: Kappa introduces a new vision camera based on our modular high-performance platform with bit digitization.

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