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Aung from Hotel Madira. When paired with KWHotel, it is possible to manage both campsites and houses, beds and campers. Create and print kitchen reports that present an amount of meals and a time of their provision. Create new reservations and modify the existing ones. This easy to set up reminders system will never let you forget when important guests arrive or payment is due.

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Calendar Customer base Seasonal rates Individual reservations Free updates Accounting Meals and kitchen reports Rate Plans Services User privileges Logbook Automated emails Software installation — surcharge Customizable calendar Group reservations Kwnotel KWHotel training — surcharge Multiple workstations support Work via Internet Synchronization with peripheral devices on demand — surcharge Payment terminal synchronization on demand — surcharge Point of Sale synchronization on demand — surcharge Accounting software synchronization on demand — surcharge Fiscal printer synchronization on demand — surcharge Hotel Locks synchronization on demand — surcharge Booking.

Add and modify the reservations and keep yourself in a constant touch with your customers thanks to the automatic call and mailing features. You can make an unlimited number of reservations for the same sector.

It is clear that the software has been created by people understanding the needs of a small -medium size property. Create and print kitchen reports that present an amount of meals and a time of their provision. Jwhotel level security user management system with four access levels. Store all contact information and guest reservation history in one place. User reviews about KWHotel Free.

Meals and kitchen reports. It is also possible to calculate the room rate based on four different age groups, local taxes, meals and any services or products. A fully flexible meals management module.

Product features

Aung from Hotel Madira. Enhance your KWHotel package See how many ways can your package be extended, examples below.

When paired with KWHotel, it is possible to manage both campsites and houses, beds and campers. Enhance your KWHotel experience with hotel locks, restaurant and accounting software synchronization.

KWHotel Software - Reviews, Free Demo & Pricing

Additionally, she helps with the creation of new manuals and video guides. KWHotel training — surcharge. The scheduling, reservation is what exactly we need. Can be connected to a channel manager. Each following session requires an additional payment of 40 EUR. Point of Sale synchronization on demand — surcharge. Supported Operating System s: Therefore he will pay for both accommodation and extra services.

In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Hour kwohtel calendars provide clear presentation of pending and upcoming treatments. We do not have a credit card. How does it kwnotel Each room can also be marked as an apartment or be excluded from the calendar, online booking engine or statistics.

KWHotel offers an online booking engine and Android mobile app, all kwhktel which are linked with the interactive calendar. Online Booking System — surcharge. I accept the cookies. KWHotel Mobile app is a comfortable way of managing your reservations from any place in the world.

Powerful Hotel Managament Software - KWHotel

You can constantly improve your work with free updates. Browse faster Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari.

KWHotel Free is the only hotel management software on the market that offers a free functionality and technical support.

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