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Exfo toolbox 6

You can customize the values associated with the Time dial. If the first connector check feature is enabled, a message will appear if there is a problem with the injection level see Enabling or Disabling the First Connector Check on page Every 8 graphs displayed in Line's Status window for centralized monitoring Ca.. A failure message "Line 8 SF

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Page Index reflective ends of fiber Three traces are shown, corresponding to three threshold level settings.

To create reports in. The files that you export are in native. If you want to apply the thresholds you have just defined to one or several other wavelengths, proceed as follows: By default, traces are saved in native. Measured length of the total fiber span between span start and span end.

Analyzing Traces and Events Graph View Exto can change trace display parameters such as the grid and zoom window display.

You can zoom in on or out of the graph using the corresponding buttons or let the application automatically adjust the zoom on goolbox currently selected event from the events table. If you clear the check box, the trace will be acquired without being analyzed. To enable or disable the storage feature: ORL calculated tooolbox between the span start and the span end, or on the total fiber span, depending on the option you have selected in the Setup window.

Free download exfo toolbox office 6 (Windows)

Clean the connectors properly. To start the Bidirectional Analysis application: The native format contains all wavelengths in a single file. Print reports with end-to-end or bidirectional OTDR data based on single or multiple wavelengths and include results on event reflectance, ORL and macrobends with this powerful utility.

From the Distance list, select the value you want to modify the value will become highlightedthen press the Edit button. Page Customizing Your OTDR Selecting the Distance Units Selecting the Distance Units You can select the measurement units that tkolbox be used throughout the application, except for certain values such as the pulse and the wavelength.

Page 3 Contents Contents Certification Information The file name is made of a static part alphanumeric and a variable part numeric that will be incremented or decremented, according to your selection, as follows: Then, it reaches the second connector and is reflected again toward the end connector.


EXFO ToolBox 6

The fiber settings will be reset according to the current trace and the event detection thresholds will return to fixed default values. Page Page 12 Managing Trace Files from the OTDR Test Application Once you have acquired traces, or when you want to work with them after an 66, you will need to save, open, rename, and delete trace files.

Remarks Nominal launch conditions are overfilled. Select the boxes corresponding to the item you want to display on the graph. Zoom in and position marker A at the end of the linear area preceding the event too,box be measured. If you are testing in Real time, the reflectance value you will get is not necessarily accurate.

You must select at least one wavelength. No reflectance is specified for this type of event.

Exfo FTB-400 Mainframe

From the Measure tab, press the markers button until it displays the desired marker. The area between markers A and hoolbox must not include any significant variation.

Analyzing Traces with the Bidirectional Analysis Application Viewing Results Summary Table The summary table gives, for each wavelength and at each direction, the status of the results pass: You can analyze a displayed trace at any time.

Page 7 Contents 18 Warranty The information you enter is saved along with the exdo file only.

Total measured loss of the fiber calculated either between the span start and the span end, or on the total fiber span, depending on the settings you have chosen in the setup window.

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