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Arialuni.ttf chinese

First of all thank you for your update. I'm not sure about the ability of this font to support both English and Chinese, or mixed language anyway. On what grounds do you claim it's different? It seems that you want to avoid having an end user install a font pack.

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If it doesn't, you can download the appropriate font pack here. Can you name chimese the chapter in your book or an example online? In your comment you also say that you want Adobe Chihese to accept a byte stream instead of reading a PDF from file. I gave you a solution that doesn't require downloading anything extra on the client side, yet you keep on nagging that no one will install anything on Acrobat.

Download Free Font Arial Unicode MS

It doesn't need to be installed! A font is a font is a font. You only need the file!

The glue that connects one with the other is the encoding. A subset of the font is embedded, which means you can keep the cginese size low. I can accept "it's not possible to install fonts on the client. The rest of your comment is unclear. I can put a text file on the server, but I can't put a ttf file on the server. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

You mentioned chnese iText is able to draw the glyphs but not how. How is this different from Vietnamese? So far there were hardly any problems. Or are there any better solutions? On what grounds do you claim it's different? Yes, I try to avoid making users to install a new font pack.

java - Problems with Chinese Fonts in iText-PDF on Windows Machines - Stack Overflow

My PC has Ubuntu, zrialuni.ttf server is Debian and I'd prefer to be able to access the font in a more safe way than just picking it on the file-system. You don't want this so all your questions about using the itext asian jar and MSung-Light and so on are irrelevant. You're using a CJK font.

This is not different from how Java works. You have a character code on one side and a glyph on the other side.

See for instance the FontTest example. However, using the PDF built-in fonts has some disadvantages that were discovered through testing on different machines, when we investegated a similar problem related to a built-in Korean font.

Java is able to use fonts because Java uses font files, just the same way as iText uses font files. That's understandable to some extent.

Arial Unicode MS font family

I tried to google how to convert paragraphs into cihnese in iText before I wrote my posting but was not successful at all.

The word test is displayed correctly in Chinese. I apologize if I frustrated you, that was not my intention. Your file will be bloated and print results risk being awful!

If not, you're doing it wrong, but you're not accepting advice. There was a similar question about Vietnamese fonts a while ago: Can't export Vietnamese characters to PDF using iText It took me less than a quarter of my time to Google for a font that could be used.

Related to the drawing way: Sign up using and Password.

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