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Raekwon only built 4 cuban linx

No engineer , no assistant engineer. An older generation was leaving and getting older. This page was last edited on 2 January , at Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…. The Rolling Stone Album Guide.

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We was on corners at 15, 16, doing shit you couldn't imagine. Cuban Linx Revisited page 1. We wanted to put a girl from the movie The Killer in the skit, at the start of the song, when she said 'I sing for him and he isn't here.

It also features a guest appearance from rapper Nasmaking this the first collaboration with a non-affiliated artist on a Wu-Tang related album. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Niggas can't fuck with me when it comes to style. Me and Ghost liked the bottle, and the name on the bottle was Louie Roederer.

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx by Raekwon on Spotify

These alter-egos inspired an already dissociative hip-hop world to adopt new names and personae, from Nas' Escobar moniker to Notorious B. I was fucking niggas up, robbing niggas, fucking a lot of bitches, just doing dumb shit.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Shaolin's Finest Hidden Darts: I'd tell RZA if I liked a certain beat, and he'd see if it would fit me or not. Upon its release, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx We were like the EPMD of the crew.

It was a chance to show the world not only how New York lived, but also how Shaolin preserved New York. But then I started giving some of my niggas in the crew names.

What truly sets Cuban Linx apart is the sheer abundance of well-written, complex lyrics.

We actually became friends. Problems playing this file?

Drinking Hanging Out Cubann Love. The Source magazine's Nicholas Poluhoff said "Raekwon has always brought his own special flavor to the Wu cipher: I felt like GZA was like Maximillian because he was like the brains of the crew.

In a genre characterized by singlesCuban Linx is a full-blown album where the big picture is just as moving as the compositional stylistic elements. No bkiltno assistant engineer. For instance, the album refers to "Wu-Gambinos" in various occurrences; the term being a name for the 'alter-egos' of the rappers involved in Cuban Linxand used on various later projects.

Cuban Linx Revisited page 3.

The album ends with the song "North Star," which serves as a " closing credits " type of song. Choker from Spin magazine found Raekwon to be as vivid a lyricist as Kool G Rap"so vivid you smell the gunpowder and wipe the blood on your shirt", while crediting RZA for "taking the art form of production to new heights". But John Woo didn't want nothing, never no money for that. Popa Raaekwon was a very smart mentor in the younger days to me and ODB.

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Everybody thinking they have a strong family. Raekwon was ahead of his time.

This page was last edited on 2 Januaryat II was released in to critical acclaim. It is considered to have been highly influential on hip hop music over the next decade, being heavily referenced and influential on acclaimed albums such as Reasonable Doubt and Life After Death Pinx proved to be the most successful single off the album, as it reached the 37th spot on the Billboard Hotand the libx spot on the Hot Rap Singles chart.

Ghost actually asked me to make one of those beats.

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