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No that is not an eating utensil. If you listen to it, parang bukang-liwayway. I have to admit, I found their response as a genuinely modest one.

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The band is currently on what Clutario calls "the fourth generation" of Fuseboxx, and this foursome seems to gel well. Their follow-up to their first album released 5 years ago.

The human side of Fuseboxx | Lifestyle | GMA News Online

This year fusebooxx, the Progressive Metal community saw the departure of Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, who was eventually replaced by no less than the owner of the worlds quickest pair of hands as certified by that famous world records book that we are all familiar of. Sometimes I manage to play the drums and sing, or play rhythm guitar and sing, but it gets hard when the music I play becomes technical.

I'm fusebboxx a big fan of operatic singing and I personally think it's a weak album opener.

Lester Banzuelo behind the drum kit, Mico Ong on guitars, Eric Tubon playing keyboards and a keytar, and Abby Clutario on another keyboard, a stringed guitar-like instrument called the grand chapman stick, and vocals. The long awaited comeback was hampered maybe by several lineup changes, sucky music business scene and the unpreparedness of Filipino listeners, but whatever the reasons may be, the fans I included are just glad they managed to put out the album.

We want that to be full of hope. The song continues with heavy riffing until it breaks into an interesting overdub of 2 men having a conversation. Yes, the music moves in crescendo into higher energy style with riffs but this track is predominantly a mellow track. A band that can play music so complex yet accessible at the same time is something hard to come by these days.

I think it's too soon for the band to offer this kind of mellow style right after excellent previous track. She is off the hook I say. What I'm trying to say is that the songs and the message in this album is easy to digest and understand despite it being uncompromisingly progressive.

The human side of Fuseboxx

The album boasts of 10 brand new all original music written mainly by Eric Tubon synthesizers and co-written by the remaining band members. The band comes back with an up tempo, radio-friendly track Breathe 5: Here at home we are equally blessed.

Surviving in the ever-changing landscape of local music for ten years is no easy feat. No that is not an eating utensil. Another usual problem that we encounter when we listen to this type of music is blandness. Fuseboxx seems to take this task well as they've weathered through the prevailing trends over the past decade and are still standing to this day. The texture of the songs loosely follows the pattern of Melodic Progressive Metal with a hint of Jazz and New Age music.

I have played this album in its entirety more than three times and find the music is interesting to explore.

Mabuhay and Prog On! Abby Clutario's skillful playing of the Stick, doing extra chores on keyboard and ALL while singing is one highlight. The album sleeve and cover. Abby's singing voice can be described as warm and haunting, reminiscent of The Gathering and Aghora. That gives us another good reason fuseboxd hear this album. We were circled around a small table at a watering hole in Makati.

There are strong elements of progressive metal in their music even though the band also put some flavors of jazz-rock in their music. Pag-gising naminfirst thing na hahawakan namin is toothbrush, tapos ang iniisip namin, 'Hay.

It's been almost ten years for Fuseboxx since they first got national acclaim through their win at the Red Horse Muziklaban, but there seem to be no signs that the band will be slowing down any time soon.

Estudyante ," animatedly narrated by Tubon.

Fuseboxx - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

He added input from time to time but left most of the talking to founding members Clutario and Tubon and the frequent contributions given by Banzuelo. It's just that sometimes, well, fiseboxx of the time, kami mismo nahihiya rin makipag-usap ," she continued.

The album goes on with the second track, enigmatically entitled

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