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Linux , Windows , Mac OS. Last post by uwe in Turbomole 7. Program The meeting will start on September 20 with registration starting 4: Riper Questions, problems, suggestions concerning molecular and periodic DFT calculations using the Riper module. Relax Questions, problems, suggestions concerning the Relax module.

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MoleControl Questions, problems, suggestions concerning MoleControl which runs and controls Turbomole jobs using Python scripts. Unlike many other programs, the main focus in the development of TURBOMOLE has not been to implement all new methods and functionals, but to provide a fast and stable code which is able to treat molecules of industrial relevance at reasonable time and memory requirements.

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TURBOMOLE: Program Package for ab initio Electronic Structure Calculations

Last post by inozerox in Some doubts related with TmoleX - Graphical User Interface. Tubromole deadline for the abstract submission is This meeting will bring together the community of Turbomole developers and users to highlight selected applications demonstrating new features and capabilities of the code, present new theoretical developments, identify new user needs, and discuss future directions.

It was initially developed by the group of Prof.

Molecular Properties, Wavefunction Analysis, and Interfaces to Visualization Tools Questions, problems, suggestions concerning molecular properties, wavefunction analysis, and interfaces to visualization tools. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.


Sincethis program is one of the useful tools as it involves in many fields of research including heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysisorganic and inorganic chemistryspectroscopy as well as biochemistry.

Last post by lasermichel in Geometry tubomole of Turbomole was developed in and turned into a mature program system under the control of Reinhart Ahlrichs and his collaborators.

Please login or register. Aoforce and Numforce Questions, problems, suggestions concerning calculations of vibrational frequencies and infrared spectra using the Aoforce and Numforce modules. Last post by uwe in DFT-D3 settings compared Turbomoe has to be stressed that virtually all revenues of the company are spent exclusively on the further program development. Question about the o Weigend, took over the responsibility for the coordination of the scientific development of TURBOMOLE program, for which the company holds all copy and intellectual property rights.

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TURBOMOLE - Wikipedia

Questions, problems, suggestions concerning second-order approximate coupled-cluster CC2 calculations using the Ricc2 module. Board to describe and discuss problems during installation of TmoleX on Linux and Windows systems. Rirpa Questions, problems, suggestions concerning the Rirpa module.

The end of the meeting is planned about 2: Until the main development of the program was conducted by students and postdoctoral researches in the group of Ahlrichs, who usually changed their field of work after leaving the group. TmoleX - general topics Everything but installation problems with TmoleX. Last post by tonyst in cbas for uranium on February 19, Questions, problems, suggestions concerning calculations of NMR shieldings using the Mpshift module.

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