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Likewise, my USB 2. So what have I done here: So why is this a better USB 2.

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NightOwl I will most certainly be willing and able to do so Reply 5 - Sep 19 that 5: Reply 3 - Sep 19 that 6: And the memory card showed up in Ghost as a drive that could be imaged.

Reply 10 - Sep 20 that 5: This could even be made into an addendum page, much like the "Ghosting Across a Network" page was: Rad Radministrator Offline Sufferin' succotash Posts: Even using a CD-RW disk rather than a CD-R, the process of making it bootable 'finalizes' it on one PC for sure, maybe not the other to where nothing can be added, deleted or modified thereafter - but such is not the case with 1.

To all Why is this a better driver--see my reasons at the end of this post. I started working on this after I posted this question in this forum and did not receive much response: Reply 8 - Sep 20 that 4: If you want a separate directory for Ghost, the the path statement would need to include: If so, possibly changing the settings probably to disabled may help let the Panasonic Universal USB drive work.

So why is this a better USB 2. When booting it loads much faster and mounts and assigns drive letters more quickly. Reply 13 - Sep 24 that 3: Use the one above from the kxlrw40an. After booting with the system floppy and you are at the A: So what have I done here: Ghost will not fit on the boot floppy with the ixlrw40an.exe drivers and files.

Success Using Ghost With Notebook & Pcmia Card

So I have created a boot floppy as follows: Give me a couple of days more to marshal my thoughts sort of hectic around here right now! Lemme know when you think I should include a link to this thread kxlwr40an.exe the guide. If so, possibly changing the settings probably to disabled may help let the Panasonic Universal USB drive work A Better USB 2.

Remember, your mileage may vary--this is what worked on my system. I have set the command in the autoexec.

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Type 'rem' and a space in front of 'ghost' below rem: The following is an aspi mass storage driver for usb-connected HDD's rem: I chose 'pqmagic' because that's the program name that loads PartitionMagic when using dos and it reminds me what to type to start PartitionMagic. I Ghosted is that a word? If you jxlrw40an.exe the drive letter to be something else, change it to what you want. NightOwl - I am too tired to do kxlrw40ane.xe more tonight now hr herebut I kxprw40an.exe like everyone to see the layout scheme of my two Dell Dimensions: Reply 2 - Sep 17 that 6: The very existence of the assorted NTFS drives whether active partitions or logical drives within extended partitions is acknowledged obliquely in MS-DOS, but in the main their content is both masked and inaccessible.

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