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After one player has collected the six Keys, they move to the center of the board, where they must face their fears. There are no consequences for choosing wrong; you just miss a chance of getting up to 50 duel points or a Keystone. They will be deleted immediately. Another bad omen, the Black Hole sends you spiralling down it for three or more turns. The chief pranktitioner with a sense of fun as fractured as a fibula bone, Samedi just loves to throw a good funeral "

Recent Post by Page. Lets get to work! Of course it is true I strangle Novi in his booth Usin his mic cord as a noose Board up your room, you're doomed By my whole rep of tunes And soon, your fans gon' turn on you Like some wicked goons I don't care to pull your card, you deserve it You're the reason white rappers have it so hard You actin tougher than a Nappy afro that won't part, but you're like a mannequin, all body with no heart Your whole game is whack, Novi Novak? You a shameless act, who's lame, infact You try to gain fame Pretend like you were raised with blacks Black psychos? You're glad I can't be called that I'm only crazy over Raw tracks But you ain't nuts either nigga, so fall back Closest thin you ever been to nuts is lickin your daddy's ballsack You bullshittin sayin Hop sucks You smoke a lot, but I'm one hit of dope you should not puff Ya I heard your diss, it was hot stuff I see you Googled my name I tried yours, nothin popped up You act like you the hugest star You strun out like a used guitar You couldn't get a hit standin in front of a movin car The only time you tour is at an amusement park Stop denyin it you can't hold me The flow is nastier than anchovies Don't be up at my show in Chicago tryna act like you my damn homie Fuck Swag City followers, and Novi.

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Hush your mouth man, me brethren hear Sell I upon a dat thing there Then the butcher pull up a stool Begin to question Ozzy how him so fool What kind of something cook in a pot From him born did never hear about that Well what ya know master Give I time make try explain It's just like a flim show To protect the humble we change the name I would have feel so cute If come and ask for some animal fat Aye I'll feel safer if we change the subject and call it Dat You want goat? It's a very funny song, kind of poking fun at rasta's a little bit. Try again You are subscribed to new release e-mails for Pluto Shervington. Dat on Reggae Love Songs. He doesn't even want the pork to be named, he wants to call it just "dat".