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Debu chaudhuri

If you were given the chance to live again, how you would want it to be A. In this context, what do you think, where does Indian Classical music stand? Can you share your most memorable onstage moment? This vedic knowledge and concept is something which India has given to the world. There is a popular opinion that the Younger generation isn't much interested in classical music- dance forms.

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Dua Hemlata Gupta K. He received his early training from Sh. Did you program chauchuri this way? This project is so dear to his heart that his only ambition is to complete this projectso that the future generation will have a better information and knowledge to perform with confidence. These techniques can be easily understood, scanned and played.

Do you think it is necessary to have leisure-voids while working? Thomson Living Media India Ltd.

Debu Chaudhuri

He was involved as an advisor to the project for promoting Indian music in the schools of Leicester, England, under the sponsorship of the Government of India and Leicester country council, a project which is the first of its kind and also in Birmingham.

He is the winner of the Padmabhushan and Padmashree awards. I; Several book publications: Represented India at various International Seminars, Festivals and served as Chairman of many symposiums. That was the time of second world war. He has been recently awarded the Hony. It happened more like an accident. If you were given the chance to live again, how you would want it to be A.

Debu Chaudhuri - Wikipedia

Chaudhuri's book, "Sitar and Its Technique", is another dimension of his creativity. I come across many anxious questions related to influence of modern technology and music genre on Fhaudhuri classical music. Guruji saw me listening to the music and jokingly asked: A, Yugoslavia, Bosnia etc.

Delivered 87 lecture demonnstrations and performed 27 concerts in 67 days, a record for itselfin the Festival of India held in Sweden in From he has appeared in numerous radio broadcasts, and he is a disciple of Mushtaq Ali Khan.

This is one moment which I will treasure forever.

He joined Delhi University as a reader from to and was the Dean and Head of Music Department from to After his retirement from the University of DelhiPandit Chaudhuri has started a unique project to document the rare instrumental compositions with the support of traditional compositions of Dhrupad and Khayal on the same Raga. You are one of the leading Indian classical musicians now. That is why anyone who is well versed with different styles of sitar playing would recognize my style instantly even without seeing me in debk.

Chaudhuri is the creator of eight new ragas: Those music left a lasting impact in my life. Pandit Chhaudhuri Debu Chaudhuri is a Sitarist and a teacher. Paramparain Sanskrit, means tradition, which undergoes uninterrupted change. At once I came back to my house and requsted my father for a Sitar so that I can be a part of the school.

I stared playing in Radio when I was 12 years old. Debu 's is not a mere affair with the sitar, it has been a deep remance with this beautiful instrument to which he was introduced when he was all of 4 years old. Presented 45 papers at various seminars. Later, I became a part of the Faculty of Music, Delhi University and taught there for almost 40 years.

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