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Identify the switch ports you want to monitor these are often called source ports. Passively capture traffic flowing through your network switch Analyse internal traffic, capture metadata such as IP addresses, user names, file and folder names, web domains and URIs Store the results in a database for reporting and analysis Get alerts if suspicious activity is detected Keep a constant eye on you network and help prevent incidents that could turn into breaches or network outages Provide access to traffic data through a web interface Support for 1Gb and 10Gb network interfaces. No details are provided about what the web traffic contains. Issues and trends that cannot be identified on the basis of real-time data alone can be identified by analyzing data collected over long periods, while past incidents can be investigated based on the date and time on which they occurred.

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Web Traffic Monitoring Software

Find out what is happening on your network. Troubleshooting a congested WAN link and identifying the cause as a misconfigured Windows image that was downloading updates during working hours.

LANGuardian works with the most common network switches. What makes LANGuardian so unique? Affordable and easy to use, LANGuardian deep packet inspection gives network engineers the highest level of visibility into activity on the network. Search — by username, IP address or subnet, file name, or web address.

LANGuardian offers network administrators and managers many ways to access information about network activity including: For More Information about Telnet Networks, our products, or our services, or to request a quote please feel free to contact us directly.

To monitor virtual network traffic, the languardiian switch you are monitoring must be configured to operate in promiscuous mode.

How it works - NetFort LANGuardian

When connected to the same virtual switch as the servers, the LANGuardian virtual appliance can monitor all network activity on the servers. Finding out who deleted a file from a network share. In this network, the core switch port assignments are as follows click the languardlan to see a close-up of the switch ports:.

Latest Blog Posts copy. Unlike other packet capture and DPI products, LANGuardian is a software-only product that runs on industry standard hardware and languarsian environments.

Web Traffic Monitoring Software

Need to track network user activity? In most cases lanuardian is captured at the network core and we have options for remote sensors for multiple data centers or isolated networks such as a DMZ.

See how much bandwidth is been consumed by users surfing the web. Better yet, why not try it on your own network, risk-free?

LANGuardian from NetFort

Integration with Active Directory so you can see who is doing what on the Internet. For example, if users try to bypass content filtering by using a proxy server, LANGuardian detects this and reports on the sites users are visiting.

It is a passive network traffic analyzer, not inline and cannot have an impact on network performance. NetFort LANGuardian is deep packet inspection software for investigating, monitoring, and reporting on user and network activity.

Web Traffic Monitoring Software. This site uses cookies. Supports the monitoring of direct and proxy based web traffic. See how much bandwidth is being consumed by visits to social media sites.

The diagram below shows LANGuardian in a typical network setup consisting of PCs, laptops, servers, a core switch, and a firewalled Internet connection. To find out more about LANGuardian — and to find out more about what is really happening on your network contact us today.

Take the next step to securing your network. Find out more If you have any questions about how LANGuardian can meet your requirements, please contact us. Key LANGuardian web monitoring features include: There languadian several different installation options to choose from:.

The system provides an unparalleled level of detail on Internet user activity:. No client software to install No interaction with the devices on the network No impact on network performance. The choice of web traffic monitoring software can be daunting, but the options can be narrowed down according to the objectives you want to achieve. Detect instances of network misuse, such as downloading movies from Netflix and iTunes.

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