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Funk volume mixtape haywire

Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Spec February 8th Comments. Cover Up deals with fake 'bitches', a term which he painstakingly defines on the track, and Leave Me Alone is essentially a continuation on the topic.

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All in all, despite a decent amount of flaws, this vokume amounts to a critically needed breath of fresh air into the Asthmatic lungs of modern day hip hop. This first comes off as an odd contradiction, but in the end seems more like the enlightened view of wise kids that have seen more than their fair share of tragedies and learned from them. I Make the World Spin is a talented and aggressive rap dissing the new age.

Hopsin - Funk Volume Mixtape: Haywire (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

They have an obvious bone to pick with the direction their society has taken in modern times, and they are here to show intelligence and good faith still exists in a shallow wasteland of imbeciles. GnarlyShillelagh Emeritus February 7th Comments.

Good review but funk volume eh I would be okay with never hearing SwizZz ever again. Swizz and Hopsin become relevant to this scenario as mixtaep of the style of LA in the past. Kanye West The Life of Pablo. VermTheImpaler February 8th Comments. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Hopsin Funk Volume Mixtape: I actually was asked to review this, I was not familiar with either of them before hearing this album.

SwizZz Hopsin - Funk Volume Mixtape Haywire

Swizz, meanwhile, is distantly reminiscent of Senim Silla of Binary Star for his humbleness and candor in his lyrics. He over pronounces with a type of E rhyme-accent, and this is only made worse when he raps about foolish stuff like Flip Cup and Beer Pong on the first track Funk Volume. Haywirefive tracks are from Hayeire alone, and five are with verses from only SwizZ, leaving four tracks with verses from both SwizZz and Vvolume. Yeah summary is basically the worst.

SharkTooth February 8th Comments. GnarlyShillelagh Emeritus February 8th Comments.

Funk Volume Mixtape: Haywire

Cover Up deals with fake 'bitches', a term which he painstakingly defines mkxtape the track, and Leave Me Alone is essentially a continuation on the topic. February 8th Comments. Kendrick Lamar good kid, m. Method Man Tical Yet SwizZz is nevertheless a good rapper and usually features notable subject matter.

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What Hopsin albums would you recommend? Spec February 8th Comments. Well, is enjoyable, not the best but still better than most of the crappy hip hop loved by ironic hipsters, mixtale this guy compared to lil b, asap rock, gucci mane and drake is mkxtape MF DOOM, chuck D and Sadistik combined. However, SwizZz-only tracks like Blow a Cloud and Low Dough feature the worst hooks on the album, and are what make this mixtape drag on near the end.

Although mixtapes are not typically judged for the overall cohesion of the album, it is nevertheless strange how naturally dunk topic switches from pure happiness to absolute sadness on Haywire. Their influences in old school hip hop are apparent, but not exaggerated, and their overall style is still distinctively new school.

Funk Volume Mixtape: Haywire Mixtape by SwizZz & Hopsin

On 2 Music Lists. The Game The Documentary 2. While SwizZz manages to create tracks that are good-but-flawed, Hopsin is much mixtapw consistent and overall the superior emcee by far, which is why the second, third, fourth, and fifth best tracks are the ones where Hopsin is left to do the verses on his own.

Hopsin has a similar voice to One Be Lo of Binary Star, and also combines intelligent lyricism and a purposeful message in such a way that it is hard to believe he is a new school rapper. Yet, today California is known only as the place that elected The Terminator as Governor, and for being overwhelmingly filled with unbelievably stupid people who render the minorities of level-minded people helpless.

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