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E nomine deine welt

In December , the single Heilig was stated for release, but due to complications with their record company, it was pushed back into January and eventually February Questo mondo mio amore, dove stai mio dio. Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk. The Prophecy of the Great Apocaplypse on Earth will come true. Views Read Edit View history.

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Deine Welt (English translation)

The release date was pushed to mid-February The project released its first album, Das Testamentin To teach 5 us a prophetic oath. I'm asking the world for my love, where my Gods are.

Deine Welt English translation. Dios is Italian and Deus is latin. Klassik Edition on Last.

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In this context reader should be reminded of an aphorism by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras of Samosaccording to which the sleep of the mind is a brother of death. This world my love, where are you my God. Questo mondo mio amore, dove stai mio dio. And, I have been studying German for quite some time now and as far as I can tell, enomineforus does a perfectly fine job with translation in that area.

After a few years with no news of the project, e-mail correspondence between a fan and Chris Tentum Weller revealed that the group was in the process of producing new material, due for release some time in the near future.

This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Moderator of the Oceanic Realms. The lead vocalist is Graner himself, who sang also Heilig and Excalibur, the last two known but never officially released E Nomine songs.

E Nomine — Deine Welt. Questo mondo mio amore, dove stai mio dio Which would be, as you said: Deine Welt song meanings. Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werkwhich also included new songs. First comment aswell hehe The song doesn't mean anything to me Being I don't speak german But i have to say this is the second most powerfull song i have ever heard, And the rythimic build up to the dejne sounds absolutely beautiful! D Comment It's a description of the manmade apocalypse, about how we tread our own planet ect.

She will come, the one named "Armageddon," sent for the Earth's protection from mankind. E Nomine was deiine by German producers Christian Weller "Chris Tentum" and Friedrich Graner "Sir Fritz" in after the huge success of the song "Vater Unser" Our Fatherwhich was included on their first album released that same year Das Testament and their most famous work as well.

There are two lines I don't understand. The Epoch ewlt Romanticism Get a taste of the most beloved and fruitful music period. It is a self-proclaimed revolution of E Nomine.

E Nomine - Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. User does not exist. A year after this came to light, a new single from E Nomine appeared on Amazon. God's contribution and work of Satan".

Gottes Beitrag und Teufels Werk", as well as the new "Heilig" and an unannounced new song "Excalibur". Add your thoughts 10 Comments. We do not have any tags for Deine Welt lyrics.

Their music, which they call monumental vocal style, is a combination of trancetechnoand vocals which closely resemble Gregorian singing and chanting. Some fans speculate that the E Nomine musical project has already ended. Retrieved from " https: Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

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