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The demo system allows you to get started testing ThinLinc in just minutes. SeamlessRDP now works better on bit systems. To request licenses for more than 5 concurrent users per organization, please contact us at contact cendio. Screen size - by default the screen size is set to full screen mode. Starting today, we provide 10 concurrent users for free!

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Download, install, and configure ThinLinc Client to use Research Desktop (RED) at IU

Swedish Portuguese English Spanish German. On Linux this will print to your default printer.

Yes, ThinLinc server thinlin has full functionality but is limited to maximum 5 concurrent users. To see newly added drives, log out of your current session, and then log back in.

Smart card authentication has been added to the OS X Client. Multiple temporary licenses for large scale testing upon request.

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This will terminate disconnected sessions. Many universities use ThinLinc to make system administration more centralized or only to make remote access to their computer systems available for students and staff. IAxARM. Sound redirection has been improved by upgrading to PulseAudio 4. No, for any number of licenses exceeding the free thinllinc, the whole number of licenses shall be purchased. This release features a brand new installer, which should make the installation a breeze on most distributions.

The ThinLinc session will respect monitor boundaries just like a local desktop would. This allows 3D applications such as Google Earth to run with good performance.

During your RED session, your exported directories will be accessible via the thindrives folder.

New events will be posted here as soon as details become known. Further information and general help can be obtained through: LinuxOS XWindows. Idle sessions will be terminated after 24 hours and unsaved work will be lost.

Download ThinLinc server bundle. Contacting us at demosupport cendio. Select the Local Devices tab and press the Details This can be done without any client side video decoder software or specialized handling of video. This is document aput in the Knowledge Base. When you have an existing disconnected RED session, clicking Connect in the ThinLinc Client login window will reconnect you automatically to your session, and all applications, terminals, and file browsers that were open when you disconnected will still be running.

Unity 3D is now supported. Windows 10 users should install the previous version: Downloadable server software It is now possible to download the server software, from http: This may prevent other users from connecting.

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The printer will appear as thinlocal in your CSRW session. Logout ends the session on the server and is htinlinc recommended method. Individual use and small groups Cendio AB offers this option for individuals and smaller user groups. An Italian translation has been added. Make sure the "Key" field points to your private key file, and then continue to the next step.

Further information and general help can be obtained through:.

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