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Sliq invoicing plus 3

A number of other corrections and minor improvements have been made. Various other minor corrections and improvements have been made. Invoices can now be printed as delivery notes without price information. Miscellaneous Updates A number of minor improvements and corrections have been made. Adjust the offset value as desired then save the template.

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The invoice designer allows users to edit the templates for invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements as well as save new versions of templates. Did you know we have an affiliate program allowing you to make money by reselling our software?

It will inboicing a clever touch interface Users swipe upwards from the start menu to reveal the home screen and its tiles.

SliQ Invoicing Plus Version 3 Released

The delivery note will no longer show any discount, subtotal or summary line items. Reports Allow Up to 3 Filters At Top Using the Change Filters button, up to 3 filters can be shown at the top of a report invoicinb the Reporting tab allowing easy selection of whichever a user decides are the most important filters.

Users can multitask between open apps by swiping across from the left-hand side. Corrections in the payment summary report concerning the display of VAT amounts for partial payments.

Improvements in generating PDFs of wide invicing types, e.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Description Editing When editing line item descriptions in invoices, quotes etc. For use in finding low stock levels for products, stock reorder level and stock reorder quantity fields have also been implemented. You can then use the invoice template editor to add the Notes field as a printable field on a custom template.

A new reminder email template has also silq added. The filters are now only defaulted when a new item is added, e. Login failed for user X: In addition columns can be resized and the columns included on invoices and statements can be configured on a per-template basis, e.

The report also includes the quote status and the ID of any invoice raised from the quote. A scheduler was the no.

SliQ Invoicing Software

Hey guys, just wanted to say you're product is fantastic and works very intuitively, nice user interface and easy to set up.

Reports A new product purchases report has been added. The way invoice numbers are incremented has been improved, particularly when doing conversions, e. SliQ Invoicing Plus includes stock control features to track stock levels including a wizard to help identify and order stock at low levels.

Looking for cloud-based invoicing software instead? If you are already successfully using SMTP, you should see no differences after installing version 3. Multiple Contact Details Search for Products by Description When Adding Items to Invoices When adding products to invoices, quotes and purchase orders, it is now possible to search for products by their description as well as their item code. To choose between the dictionaries, see Options.

To show this default filter on an existing report, select the Debtor Summary Report on the Reports tab and then press the Default button in the toolbar.

When editing an invoice or quote, a sales person name can now be entered. Each report now optionally shows a filter summary.

Moving SliQ Invoicing Data to a Different Computer

You can get the new online template editor by downloading it from the Choose Template setup page while logged into SliQ Online. This allows reminders to be created, e. The scrollbar now always appears if needed to ease editing of documents with large numbers of items or editing of documents on smaller screen sizes.

This report shows the ageing information for each customer as displayed at the bottom of a customer statement. Previously rates only had a value, e. With lots of ways to customise plua, best product I've bought in a long time More testimonials To see suggestions for corrections to spelling mistakes, right click the word with the mouse and choose a suggestion from the popup menu.

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