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Fernando ferreyra dreamers

In Argentina we have many problems with the electronic music scene, many of them related to drugs in the mass electronic parties, these experiences make our government find the solution in the prohibition, which I think is not the best idea. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 11 September Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 10 January

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Over the past few years, my work has grown constantly thanks to Frisky Radio.

Your track selection for each episode is impeccably diverse and meticulously curated. I am completely surprised and humbled by this, which is another reason why I continue creating my music, frereyra you can see, I am a very deep and very emotional person.

In my experience of all these years, I can say that I have only been very faithful to my tastes and feelings for music, regardless of fashions, without considering that which surrounds me. Would you say technology has encouraged exploration or homogenisation in music?

Then I select approximately 50 tracks, which takes me a day to go through. Sorry, I know this is more than feernando, but these clubs are really important and contribute a lot to the real electronic scene of Argentina. Right now, I have a single commitment to finish, a remix for my friend Tomas Laborda. How do you go about ensuring that each volume is as eclectic as the one before it?

Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers, Download All Episodes

You are correct in saying that the Argentine public is very special, it is a very warm public, a public that likes to have fun, ferreya knows and appreciates the quality of DJs that play in many parts of the country and world.

What a great question!

His music can be heard on his monthly Dreamers episodes on Frisky Radio and is the top show on the station. Download from zippyshare in best quality.

Fernando Ferreyra – Dreamers 107 – 12-09-2018

We are already planning a tour in Europe which is important for me in terms of balanced exposure. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 11 April Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 09 January His intense desire and devotion to create sets that resonate deeply with his listeners, is yet another astounding testament to his successes. Argentina is an established international electronic music hotspot that consistently boasts a bevy of talented djs and producers.

Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 10 January My main goal is to have the tracks show my emotions at any given moment, it must tell a story from beginning to end, otherwise I could not do it.

Fernando Ferreyra Live Sets & DJ Mixes to Listen or Download

For me, this is as close to perfection as possible and there is no other way of creating Dreamers. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 10 July Because music is constantly changing it makes it very difficult to establish the order in which the tracks flow in. Despite the threatened bans on electronic music in Argentina, it is still revered by many international DJs as a favorite location to gig in.

Dreamers is part of my life, represented through music. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 08 November Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 13 March Ferfeyra Ferreyra - Dreamers - 12 July Sign In Sign Up. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 11 July Dreamers is very difficult to create, I listen to music from the day after the release until two days before the next release from promos services, music from my friends, promos sent by many labels and my own tracks.


Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 09 May Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 10 October This is a difficult question for me to answer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Fernando Ferreyra - Dreamers - 13 September Nowadays technology has brought more to any lover of music, to create their own sounds, anyone with a little creativity and talent can create drwamers, mix it perfectly, have excellent mastering and then approach great artists, thereby selling it to the world, something unimaginable in the 80s and 90s.

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