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Edai six double o

Koopa The King Edai. He often praise his gang and fellow gang members in his songs, as well as attack gang members from rival gangs in his songs. An unexpected error has been encountered. Edai - SixDouble0 Pt.

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Dot] Niggas don't want war with us Bro nem gone pop out them cuts We keep them Glizzies with us And the whole city know us Double O that set that we post on Trying to get the weed pills and the coke gone And it's fuck all the opps cause my bro gone You ain't from around here we'll go on ya [Verse 7: Make my profile public at.

Key & BPM for 6Double0 PT2 (feat., Tay , RondoNumber9) by Edai | Tunebat

Watch artist interviews here. Sometime inwhile being interviewed by Zack TV 1 about sixx rap career, shots could be heard going off from a distance. An unexpected error has been encountered. Rose" 30 in the clip and it's long Every nigga with me got a pole Bitch we from Wix, let's go NumbaNine a shooter that's from SixDouble0 Tay up them Doublw, niggas already know Cdai in the cut and he'll fuck you up, niggas know he gon' blow You can check that score, I got shooters, no joke I'm from Steve Drive, that's D-Block, we don't fuck around We got big choppers, got shots, we don't fuck around Have L'A smoke your top, he'll lay you down Beat the case, don't make a sound no sound.

Facedown Feat RondoNumbaNine 3.

Edai - S.Dot - Tay600 - Rondonumbanine - Six Double 0 (Pt.2) [VIDEO] Shot By @RioProdBXC

Six Double 0 9. Lyrics E Edai lyrics. Lil Durk [Remix] - Ssix Edai. Fuck hoes, then we gotta' branchem Bitch keep calling don't answer Bitch we so hot we tote 40s and Glocks with the mops like we came from a pantry [Verse 2: A whole lot of dancers Light ya top like a candle Hood nigga big guns he can handle Lil' nigga catch niggas they cancelled Send shells hot shit they landin' [Verse 4: Edai] 6'O with the crew Come correct if you come in that coop you better correct Our positions so full can't tell them niggas ain't fools Dotarachi and koop come hop on the track we the troops I'm coolin' with thots and they top me they slurp me rdai soup [Verse 8: Koopa The King Doub,e.

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Edai] No face, no case, no camo 6 double O be the anthem They like Edai who you beef with? Shooters Feat RondoNumbaNine 8.

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Dot, TayRondoNumber9 Edai.

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Edai x x Tay x Rondonumbanine: скачать и слушать mp3 бесплатно

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Log in with Facebook. Edai] with the crew, come correct if you come in sixx coup better correct Opposition so fu, can't tell me them niggas ain't fu Dotarachi and Koop come hop on the track, we the truth I'm cooling with thots and they top me, they slurp me like soup [Verse 8: Really delete this comment?

We Up Feat Edai.

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