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Waves l316

Waves is generally pretty good about this, but I find messing with settings is the best way to figure out how everything works. View More Photo Galleries. If you've taken advantage of the Groove3 offer, there's a good Ozone tutorial in there.

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Request a new review. So may reinstall the 2. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Our members also liked: Used to have an older VST2 demo although I don't recall it being very efficient on my system at that time.

I have to say that it's also my favorite to use for the most part. Each band has gain, frequency, and Q parameters, while there are also main controls for setting the threshold and output ceiling.

As always with Waves plug-ins, this has an incredible sound for a plug and will add you a ton of volume to your mixes in the wwaves. It'll benefit you in the long run.

All user reviews for the Waves L3-16 Multimaximizer

Have to be careful though not to overdue it. Fort Smith, AR Status: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. The quality is amazing now! The dynamics section can work wonders on a lot of material. This is a rather new plug-in so we don't have them on all the systems yet, but our two main rooms have it.

Waves L316 MultiMaximizer

The configuration of the plug-in is pretty user friendly, splitting it up into five separate bands to work with. I will see if I can I resolve any latency issues I am wavex. They just love to hate them. VERY powerful and unique plug-in!! But I will check out Ozone and see how it stacks up Only disadvantage here is I don't need all the waved processors Waves multi-band limiters, such as the L3-LL and L has one feature I've not seen in any other plugin: Having one process to handle many in one plug-in seems more logical to me.

There are also options for bit quantization, dither, noise shaping, separation, and release character. I wanted to learn to do it myself and the L3-L16 has really helped me. saves

Waves L Multimaximizer Native - Peak Limiter Plug-In

There is one issue, however. The manual is easy to use and to understand. I have computer stuff. Wavex Neve emulation. They are very consistent. L Multimaximizer, Software multiband compressor from Waves. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

In fact, it's pretty much all I use these days, besides bundled plugs. Tried the latest 9. I know a lot of home studio users have issues getting their mixes loud enough; the Waves L is a huge step in the right direction in helping this!

I suppose I'm looking for a particular function rather than a certain brand. It will give a very warm tone, or any type of tone you would want from warm to cool.

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