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Steves dx10 fixer

Select the latest version of the installer i. November 26, at 1: In the pic below start with the shadow from the Gear lever, and then look around the rest of the panel — amazing stuff. Are you sure your problem is actually filtering? But first, to save you the possible frustration of reading through all this only to discover that for one reason or another you are not a potential customer for the Fixer, here is a very brief summary of what I consider to be the essential things which you need to have, and to be aware of, before you can run it — the explanations of what lies behind these items will be found in the rest of the review.

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Dx10 plus steves fixer worked wonders for me. The first thing to do is to make backup copies of your fsx. DirectX or DX — what is fxier and where is it?

August 24, at 5: October 7, at I think that the best thing to do is ask the question on avsim and dx110 someone has a similar set up. June 13, at 6: It totally revamped the way that many things are dealt with across all platforms, and FSX was almost certainly affected — and not in a good way.

Then uninstall cloud shadows and reinstall and it should work as described. Ok, thanks for fixsr information. That is why many FSX users invest in the Fixer to help fix most of the issues of the unfinished DirectX 10 implementation.

Many thanks for the help. I have both airports you mention and they work fine as far as I can recall so must be some settings that are different between our setups. You obviously need a DXcompatible graphics card.

No, you need to address the issue that causes them for you. Furthermore, I will also need to explain quite a lot of the background, so that you can understand exactly what the Fixer is doing. I recently received a pretty good machine from work. It works well on my computer. If you purchased from fastspring just use your download link.

FSX DX10 Scenery Fixer: Could it Help You?

We also have — http: But it fixed my black buildings issues and everything looks much better now. It would be nice to make some installation instructions available along with the original installation exe file, too. The first essential task is to set the correct path to your FSX base folder: It took many hours of browsing the forums and troubleshooting in the manuals to finally work out how to deal with things like anti-aliasing, for example, we suggest that you set your options to Anisotropic filtering with the Anti-Aliasing box ticked, by the way!

Make sure that you take a note of these files as these should be the DX9 equivalents. However, it also comes down to the fact that some people just prefer DX9. Woodo View Profile View Posts.

The Official DX10 Scenery Fixer Support Forum - The AVSIM Community

The sun was never right, just a white disk. This fills in a lot of gaps that the simulators developers were forced to create with being apparently rushed to get FSX out on the market, and is very much worth having for those with a PC that is DX10 compatible. November 30, at 7: Stfves only solutions are to install fsx to another location or to take a copy of shadersHLSL and run the setup against that.

Do I have to buy it or is there another solution? Where can I find the Preview Mode before buying? Looks great and would like to have it but all info I've read says try preview mode before buying but I haven't been able to find!

DX10 Scenery Fixer

Not to mention some very demanding airports, and even more demanding PMDG aircraft. DX9 is so much better.

DirectX 10 is supposed to use modern hardware better than DirectX 9.

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