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Migne patrologia graeca

Please see this post for further comments. Dialogi duo contra Macedonianos. Homilia in Christi resurrectionem [1]. Symeon Archbishop of Thessalonica PG Poimen MPG

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In laudem Heronis philosophi 1.

De iis qui baptismum differunt. In illud Exeuntes pharisaei.

J.-P. Migne

Sermo pro iis qui saeculo renuntiarunt. Fragmenta ex commentariis in Proverbia.

In illud Memor fui dei. Migne 's Imprimerie Catholique, Paris. Cohortatio ad Graecos MPG In illud Exiit edictum. Carmina de se ipso. It includes both the Eastern Fathers and those Western authors who wrote before Latin became predominant in the Western Church in the 3rd century, e. Please let us know what you think.

The output format for both engines in hOCR https: Nicephorus Gregoras PG Epistula canonica ad Letoium. Commentarii in epistulas Pauli.

Patrologia Graeca - Wikipedia

Hexaplorum [11] Regnum II. Homilia de capto Eutropio. Dialogi duo contra Macedonianos. Quaestionum Naturalium MPG Notitia MPG In ingressum sanctorum jejuniorum. In Petrum et Patro,ogia.

Mibne Monachus PG In illud Omnia mihi tradita sunt. Refutatio hypocriseos Meletii et Eusebii. In sanguinis fluxu laborantem.

Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli ad Hebraeos.

Many text mining and analysis techniques work by counting frequently repeated features. Cyril of Alexandria PG In sanctum pascha [2]. Contra ludos et theatra. In sanctum Stephanum ii. Epistola Beati Pauli Apostoli ad Galatas. Eclogae ex diversis homiliis. In sanctum Lucianum martyrem.

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