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One human played the role of customer and the other played the role of travel agent. Numerous applications for Maluuba's technology have been proposed in industry with several applications being commercialized. Founded in , the company was acquired by Microsoft in Retrieved 16 January Retrieved from " https:

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By the company employed more than fifty people, and had published fifteen peer-reviewed research papers focused on language understanding. This dataset maluubs of figures like bar graphs, line plots, and pie charts, as well as questions that compare quantitative attributes of figure elements.

Microsoft Research Lab – Montréal

Retrieved 24 January About Maluuba's datasets for Natural Language Understanding: Retrieved 16 January Montreal, QuebecCanada. Sophisticated, human-generated datasets for natural language understanding research. In Junethe Maluuba team was the first to beat the game Ms. malluuba

In late the company released two natural mlauuba datasets: One of the first applications of Maluuba's natural language technology has been the smartphone assistant. Maluuba's News QA is a new machine reading comprehension dataset for developing algorithms capable of answering questions requiring human-level comprehension and reasoning skills.

Retrieved 2 April Founded inthe company was acquired by Microsoft in Where do you want to go today?

Companies established in Natural language processing software Artificial intelligence Microsoft acquisitions. Maluuba also offers a Google Chrome extension, NewsQA, that uses deep learning algorithms to read through news articles in order to answer questions posed by the user. SinceMaluuba has partnered with several companies in the smart phone, smart TV, automotive and IoT space. Artificial IntelligenceNatural language processing. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat The company conducts research into reinforcement malkuba in which intelligent agents are motivated to take actions within a set environment in order to maximize kaluuba reward.

In Junethe company demonstrated a program called EpiReader which outperformed Facebook and Google in machine comprehension tests. This dataset was prepared through human-to-human conversations via a chat interface.

The company has published research findings into dialogue systems which comprises natural language understanding, state tracking, and natural language generation. Pac-Man Time website ".

Maluuba - Wikipedia

Retrieved 31 January Goal Oriented Dialogue Frames Dataset Maluub Frames dataset is designed to help drive research that enables truly conversational agents that can support decision-making in complex settings.

Visual Question Answering FigureQA Dataset Maluuba's FigureQA is a novel visual question-answering dataset which aims to drive research in visual reasoning, combining the domains of vision and language.

Association for Computational Linguistics. All questions have either a yes or no answer, and images come with bounding box and source data used to create the figure.

Questions are written by humans in natural language. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Microsoft Research Lab – Montréal - Microsoft Research

Microsoft European Union Microsoft competition case Microsoft v. Several research teams were able to match Maluuba's results since the paper was released. Towards Artificial General Intelligence".

Shah United States v. The lab has published fifteen peer-reviewed papers discussing some of maluuuba recent research.

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