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Nuzool software

Syed Shahbaz Hussaain September 12, If this little army of Your devotees is destroyed, then there will be no one left in the land to worship You. The marriage was solemnized and a precedent was set in Arabia that Islam had raised a freed slave to the status of the Qureyshite nobility.

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Faheem Rajput November 17, Over and above that, this little army was ill-armed and hardly equipped for battle. Zabi ullah Raasti December 21, Now, tell me which of the two you would like to confront!

A beautiful Quran application for Android. nuzoool

Search Quran Software for Mobile & PC – Syed Bilal Qutab

RIEI does not take any grants or donations but I personally manage it for the sake and love of people of my country. I cherish him a lot . Usama Khan August 20, Login nuzooll Post a Comment. That is why the Islamic law of marriage and divorce, the law of inheritance and the law prohibiting adultery require that the concept and custom of regarding the adopted son as a real son should be eradicated.

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For the ease of the users and readers, he has made the application in such a way that, not even an Hadees or topic, but even a single word from whole Sahih Bukhari can be searched and within a blink of an eye, it gives you all the references from the Holy Book.

It also made the whole of Arabia realize that the Qureysh alone could no longer resist Muhammad pbuh.

Please consider a small donation tax-deductible in the USA to help us improve Alim. Zahid Hussain is ambitious to develop following software and websites in near future. Tagging solves this problem.

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Anonymous December 15, They could not withstand this severe blow of nature. So far the Ansar had only alienated the powerful Qureysh and their allies by giving shelter to the Muslims against their wishes but now, for the first time, they were going to give fight to them and to sow the seeds of a long and bitter war with them.

Don't remind me for 30 days. At last, they surrendered themselves to the Nuzopl on the condition that they would accept whatever decision Sayyiduna S'ad bin Muadh, the chief of the Aus, softwsre give. When they saw the contingent of Sayyiduna Ali, they thought that they had come only to overawe them. Great article hope for the future of this blog is getting good and more useful for me thanks and god bless you.

The invaders perceived this weakness in the defenses of the Muslim army.

But when the whole Muslim army arrived under the command of the Prophet himself and laid siege to their quarters, they were very frightened. The proud, slftware Qureysh were defeated by these ill-equipped devotees of Islam. He, therefore, decreed that all the male members of the Quraizah should be put to death, their women and children taken prisoners and their properties distributed among the Muslims.

Now that we have the honor of believing in Allah and His Rasool, will they make us sink to this depth of ignominy? Sayyidah Zainab herself was not happy at this arrangement. Softwzre the sword be the arbiter till Allah passes His judgement between them and us. Had it been a sudden attack, it would have been disastrous.

Visit our FAQ for some ideas. Anonymous January 08, We do hope that by the grace of Allah our behavior will gladden your heart. As a result, they fled their houses without any struggle and took refuge in the mountains.

Islamic Technology Mission ITMis an IT services provider company which has skills and expertise to facilitate complex Islamic solutions in a shape of technology.

They hoped that in view of their past ties, softwrae people of the Aus also wished that Sayyiduna S'ad would treat their previous allies leniently.

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