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Novell consoleone

You can then create your own custom report catalogs and report forms. Use iManager instead of ConsoleOne. The Undo option reverses the last action. Access eDirectory resources through DNS federation. Can't generate eDirectory schema reports For now, you should use the legacy Schema Manager tool to generate reports on the schema of your eDirectory tree, unless you design your own report forms to generate schema reports in ConsoleOne.

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If ConsoleOne is installed remotely on a NetWare or Windows server and you don't have a shortcut to that installation, do the following:. Software and Hardware Requirements.

For details on the command syntax, type c1-install -h consolone c1-uninstall -h at the system prompt applicable only to ConsoleOne 1. Some Novell products require that this share be established before running the installation program. Let's look at each of these features.

You can install and run ConsoleOne locally on a Windows workstation or server, or you can install it remotely on a NetWare or Windows server and run it through a mapped or shared drive pointing to that server.

At a Windows workstation, map a drive letter to the root of the server's SYS volume.

ConsoleOne 1.3.6h

The origin of this information may be internal or external to Novell. Modify all object types, one at a time or several consoleond once. Unpack the file you just downloaded type tar xf c1sol. Can't create or run new user setup scripts. Set up role-based administration.

Overview of the ConsoleOne Utility

Typically if you are running the Novell Client on your workstation and you are a network administrator, you probably have a ConsoleOne icon on your Windows desktop already. Access eDirectory resources through DNS federation. This release of ConsoleOne for Linux has been tested only on the Sun 1. In the left pane, click the eDirectory container that you want to start searching from. This month will cover the ConsoleOne shell, which is the heart of the program. If you want to include subcontainers in the search, select Search Subcontainers.

If previous versions of ConsoleOne and eDirectory are running on the Linux computer, shut them down and uninstall them completely from the system remove all the associated files.

Once you are in an eDirectory tree or context and its objects are listed in the conzoleone pane, you can use the techniques described below to locate the specific objects you want to manage.

Novell Doc: ConsoleOne x User Guide - Browsing and Finding Objects

Be sure to follow proper eDirectory naming conventions. Place a copy of accessibility.

This is a limitation of the language and not ConsoleOne. You can install the Catalog objects in as many containers as you want. Select the report catalogs to install and the novepl to store the associated catalog files. Installing Conso,eone on a NetWare server also allows other Novell products such as eDirectory to add needed snap-ins to your installation.

ConsoleOne lets you create roles in eDirectory so you can delegate administrative responsibilities. If ConsoleOne isn't installed locally on the Windows computer, in Windows Explorer locate the mapped or shared drive that represents the remote server volume where ConsoleOne is installed.

Be sure to select Reporting Services on the second screen. A role is a list of specific application functions that a person can perform. Manage the latest Novell novrll.

Help is available throughout the wizard. If you encounter problems starting or using ConsoleOne, nocell Troubleshooting. The Edit menu contains general purpose editing commands typically used to manipulate data and objects using the clipboard.

Some Novell products require that this share be established before running the installation program.

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